Introduction to the Enneagram Course

Personality comes in different shades: using the Enneagram for personal growth.

A series of six evenings over six months is being offered in Monmouth as an introduction to the Enneagram Personality Model. The course will provide a perspective on how to understand and have compassion for ourselves and others, in order to further psychological and spiritual growth. Every individual is precious and unique. At the same time, as individuals we tend to experience the world in certain ways, some of which we share with others who are ‘like us.’ Our patterns – the coping strategies we use to get along in life – can become a particular lens through which we tend to view reality. The Enneagram provides detailed descriptions of the typical thoughts, emotions and behaviours of nine lenses on the world: nine styles of personality. By determining which lens or style is closest to our own, the Enneagram can be a useful tool in increasing self-awareness – revealing our gifts but also our blind spots, the ways in which we miss the big picture. Engaging with the Enneagram can provide us with a map for growing and changing, based on that vision.

  • Nov 8th 2018:                      Introduction to the Enneagram, and how to discover your Enneagram type
  • Dec 13th 2018:                    Enneagram ‘heart’ types: 2, 3, and 4
  • Jan 10th 2019:                    Enneagram ‘head’ types:  5, 6 and 7
  • Feb 14th 2019:                    Enneagram ‘gut’ types:  8, 9 and 1
  • March 14th 2019:               Subtypes: how the Enneagram styles interact with three human instincts
  • April 11th 2019:                  Your own journey and the Enneagram

  • Each evening will be from 7pm to 9.30pm, with a break for coffee/tea
  • The cost of each evening will be £10 (or whatever a person can afford to contribute to the costs of the event), payable at the door in cash
  • You are welcome to attend individual evenings but attending all six sessions will deepen understanding
  • The venue is The Geoffrey Room, Monmouth Priory, Priory Street Monmouth, NP25 3NQ

The facilitators

Dr Andrew Smith is a qualified therapist and published author who has worked with families and couples for over 25 years. Dr Ruth Smith has a PhD in Medieval English and writes fiction that expresses her particular interest in spiritual transformation. Both have studied the Enneagram for fifteen years and have co-counselled couples together within a voluntary context.