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Olivia Clarke – Yin and Yang Yoga, informed by Buddhist Mindfulness and


Olivia Clarke has been teaching for 22 years years. She teaches a blend of Yin and Yang Yoga, informed by Buddhist Mindfulness. She is a global teacher and senior Mindfulness Facilitator at studio BE, working with corporate clients and local students. Yin Yoga is a teaching on inward drawn attention, using a series of deeply restorative postures, inspired by Taoist Yoga and held for several minutes at a time. They become a portal for cultivating insight and psycho / spiritual enquiry. Through Yin, you will develop a meditative approach to your practice, one that listens to your body at a deep and intuitive level, as well as nourishing your energy body, through the meridian pathways. Yang Yoga or Slow Mindful Flow is a strengthening and flowing sequence of poses that helps to build heat and energy, as well as encouraging flexibility and strength. This energising and warming practice is balanced beautifully with the more restorative, calming and cooling practice of Yin.

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