Awareness Practice – Yoga and Mindfulness

children practicing yoga

Takes Place:

Mondays and Fridays, 9.30 – 11.00 am (Geoffrey Room)

Yoga and Mindfulness – teenagers welcome.

Description of Teaching Style

Olivia interweaves the insights and practices of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology into an integral practice of body, heart and mind awareness. Her yoga style blends Yin and Yang Yoga with Insight practice and Mindfulness Training.

Yin Yoga is a teaching on inward drawn attention, using a series of deeply restorative postures, inspired by Taoist Yoga and held for several minutes at a time. In a Yin Yoga class, you will find a place for silence and stillness, in which you can explore the subtle realms of the meridian system, as well as cultivating a deeply meditative approach to your practice, one that listens to the body at a deep and intuitive level.

Yang Yoga is a continually flowing sequence of poses that helps to build heat and energy in the body, as well as encouraging flexibility and strength. This energizing and warming practice is balanced beautifully with the more restorative, calming and cooling practice of Yin.

Mindfulness Training and Insight Practice is the foundational element of Olivia’s teaching style.

Olivia Clarke

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Olivia is a mother of two girls and a long-term practitioner of Mindfulness based Yoga and Healing Shiatsu. She has been teaching since 1998.

Her teaching style will appeal to those who wish to integrate psychological, emotional and spiritual teachings, within a grounded framework of embodied practice. The cultivation of balance and stability, the marriage of Chinese Medicine and Yoga and the dynamic dance of Yin and Yang are at the heart of her teaching style. Insight or Wisdom is a deep inner listening and knowing of ourselves, which can lead to more wholesome ways of living, both on and off the Yoga mat.