Takes Place:

Qigong for health classes: Wednesdays 6pm-7pm

These weekly classes are for health and well-being. The weekly class are meant to be gentle yet energising and supporting our immune system.

The gentle approach brings us into relationship with ourselves and promotes the expression of the heart.

With gentle movement and energy practices we restore balance in heart, mind and body, helping us to live with more ease and vitality.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of healing and energy medicine. It’s a powerful healing art that involves gentle movements, meditation and breathing techniques to cleanse, circulate, strengthen and ground our life energy.

It works with the flow of Qi (or Chi or Ki) our “life force” or “life energy” for healing purposes, purposefully working with the Qi flow so as to restore a healthier balance within and between the different functions of the body.

The way of Qigong is to awaken and cultivate the Qi to prevent illness, to improve physical and mental health, and to realise our inner potential, creativity and higher intelligence.

Stephanie Betschart

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Stephanie Betschart
07731 784 254
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I’m a Qigong teacher, ordained Buddhist and hypnotherapist.

I have been meditating and studying in the Buddhist tradition since 1995 and was ordained in 2009. I have been interested in Qigong since I first came across it in 1995 and started practicing seriously since 2011. I came back to Qigong for both the health benefits and the spiritual dimension of the practice. Nowadays all my meditation teachings are within an embodied framework and all my health and therapy work has a spiritual element.

I’m on a journey of integration, and I’m fascinated by how the talking therapy, body work and meditation relate and support each other. I am finding more and more bridges between all of it, which deepens and inform the way I work with people.