Big Dog Little Dog Parent & Child Yoga

big dog little dog parent and child yoga

Classes are on a Saturday 10.30 to 11.30 starting on 2nd September (but not meeting 16th September).

Big Dog Little Dog yoga is for parents/care givers and children between the ages of 4-8. It is a truly bonding nurturing practice, it will be unique to you as the link with your child is just that- YOURS. You do not have to be a parent, you can be grandparent, aunt, uncle, but you must have a bond with the child in order for the practice to effective for both.

It is fun as well as giving both of you tools to step forwards into your everyday life with. The practice evolves in each class, allowing the individuals abilities to be taken into consideration so NOTHING will be beyond your reach.

It is a total misconception that you have to have a bionic body to do yoga, YOU DON’T. It is that space and place inside yourself that yoga supports you in accessing.
Doing it with your child is wonderful, you both develop with the practice, trust deepens and working together is something you both get so much from.

Our children grow massively, inside and outside, there are times you are in complete sync and then they have a massive shift and you don’t quite know how to re-calibrate. This practice supports you in seeing where your child is RIGHT NOW, and gives you understanding of how to move forwards.

There are so many parent and child groups when your child is a baby/toddler, but as they get older the groups drop away, yet we all appreciate linking with others and it is such a simple support and effective. Others feeling the same.

Also our children are going into a very fast world, we need to give them as many ‘tools’ as possible to keep them in touch with their inner teacher, inner voice/ strength/ knowing.

Now each teacher is an individual as we all are. For you to experience my class and teaching then come along and EXPERIENCE it for yourself, your first lesson is free, so come along and see/experience for yourself.

Classes are on a Saturday 10.30 to 11.30.
To look up the practice if you wish, before coming then look up – I am also listed on there.

Sally Saint

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Sally Saint
01600 228094
07931 318652
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I have been a holistic therapist for 15 years, being an energy worker for all this time is something I bring to my class, as I can feel what is needed on that session.
I love to bring humour into my sessions, humour is the best medicine- our children know this, we need reminding.

I have volunteered in a school and this has also cemented my desire to work in this way, being around sensitive gifted children. This is where gentle guidance makes the most impact. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults”. Also our children are our greatest healers, they come into our lives and teach us about ourselves every step of the way. My son has taught me and continues to do so, I come with my life experience, my passion and heart for the cause. Empoweriing parents and children to step back into their lives, and to also HAVE FUN. Life is so precious.

My own personal yoga practice has given me total respect for what is gives. For every twist and turn in life, it is there to centre me, my wish is to pass this on. Children are so receptive, they embrace the sessions completely and learn so much, boosting their confidence by doing the poses and then love to make up their own poses afterwards,it inspires them.

I love doing this practice with my son, I have seen and experienced the benefits for myself, I believe in BDLD and my heart is with all that it gives and does.